HR Program for Non HR - A.I.M.E.D

Acquisition | Induction | Management | Engagement | Development

In today’s fast-pace business, functional managers or supervisors in many organizations have to handle human resources issues as part of their daily job. They are expected to recruit, to develop, and to discipline their own team.

Every supervisor is a people manager indeed.

But not all managers are ready to take on this assignment. Not all of them have adequate understanding on HR concepts and the skills in managing their HR practices.


Who should take this course?

This workshop is designed for supervisors, team leaders and managers who are required to carry or understand  Human Resource functions such as recruitment and selection, induction, performance appraisals, and discipline.

By the end of this course learners will be able to:

· Get an edge on concepts, techniques and practices in People management

· Enhance functional competencies of People Managers

· Analyse emerging challenges impacting Organizations

· Articulate Organizational Purpose


Emotional Intelligence

Addressing Uncivility

In Organizations employees who become targets of Incivility can cause a great damage to their teams, customers and organizations even without their knowledge, some even hide or bury their feelings which will effect the work place like


  • Decline in the quality of Work
  • Decline in performance.
  • Decrease in commitment to the organization.
  • Leaving organizations 
  • Venting frustration out on customers.


Effective leaders do not suppress their emotions and their experiences. Instead they will deal them in a strategy based ways which are practical with values driven which leads to more constructive dealings than destructive.

It has been very essential in today's businesses to manage one’s emotion and thoughts developed to develop harmony and  achieve success 


Who should take this course?

 This workshop is designed for aspiring Managers, Team leads, Managers, Business Analysts, Professionals who work in teams.

By the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Manage difficult situations successfully.
  • Express openly.
  • Influence their team members.
  • Continue working calmly and rightly even under pressure.
  • Lead themselves and the team effectively during a meeting.
  • Motive peers to complete a task.
  • Stay positive and deliver solutions even in difficult situations.


Customer Service Development Program

About the program

Customer service is known as “Face of the Company” and it has a reason.

A pleasant customer support can put any fire off with its unique ability to understand the problem and situation of customer.

Most of the customers change their vendors or bad mouth about the Organization when encountered an unpleasant customer service.

Our development program will address all the typical issues, provides logical and experimental solutions with its unique strategy that blends logical and emotional traits of people


Who should take this program?

This workshop is designed for people who are in service role either interacting with external customers or with internal teams, carrying similar activities such as capturing customer’s problem, analyzing, interpreting and conveying the same to stake holders etc 

By the end of this program learners will be able to:

  •  Understand the right need of Customer Service
  • Getting the Attitude and acting like a face of the Organization in capturing issues
  • Acquiring the behavioral skills needed to cope up with every kind of situation and customer
  • Acquiring the right soft skills for customer service etc
  •  Articulate Organizational purpose 

Improve company reputation and raise customer service standards

Improve company reputation and raise customer service standards

Conflict Management Program

Need of Conflict Management Program

 Conflict at Subconscious Level
At this stage most of us will not even be aware or notices the conflict that take place inside our mind and thought process but they only result great losses at the end

Situations and Areas, it has been diagnosed at Subconscious level

  • Managers involved in formal business/growth meetings with Stake holders
  • Team leaders/Executives on understanding the criticality of business roles and executing them in the way that aligns with Organization's Mission and Vision.
  • Business Analysts/Functional Managers/Support Managers – in discussions with the client on understand the requirements and doing gap analysis or fulfilling the needs.

Conflict at Conscious Level.
These types of conflicts occur pretty common in workplaces among Customers, Peers and Managers and even at a personal level.
Every Workplace will have certain unavoidable Conflict Situations at conscious level that will definitely occur and passes through the below levels

  • Interdependent behaviour
  • Difference
  • Opposition or frustration
  • Expression or behaviour
  • Emotion mostly Negative

Some Damages occurred are irreversible and also results dysfunctional strategies which do most of the harm than the Conflict itself.

SMART KATALYST’s Conflict Management Program address all the above situations and deals with both Conflict types and trains an individual or group to Manage the Conflict and improve trust and have a strong work relationships with the opposite person. 


The Art of Sales

Closing deal, the right way!

Sales profession has changed beyond recognition and even experienced sellers are failing to close the sale. What are they doing wrong ?

Sales is all about understanding people and prescribing the right solution. whether you're selling yourself in a job interview or selling products and services to customers having sales skills is an integral part of Life. 

During this program you will uncover ways to increase your numbers by using both fundamental and advanced selling techniques.  

Who should take this program?

This workshop is designed for Sales Representatives and Consultants, Account Managers and Executives, Business Development Managers and Sales Managers 

By the end of this course learners will be able to

  •  Understanding the art of Sales
  • Ensure that your strategy is aligned and that your clients are at the core of your approach
  • Developing an ambitious and effective managerial approach